Birla White Kool n SealBirla White Kool n Seal is a revolutionary coating material which transcends the role expected from traditional construction materials. It has dual properties. Kool n Seal when applied on any surface effectively reduces the temperature. It also seals minor cracks thus aiding in the arrest of leakage. It can also be used to seal plumbing/other joints.

Its unique formulation reduces your indoor air temperature to comfortable levels and thus reduces your reliance on air conditioning and saves you from paying huge electricity bills. Its protective properties protect your building from leakage/seepage, especially during monsoons.

Simple, easy to apply in the form of slurry using a brush , Kool n Seal should be ideally used on roofs and terraces of buildings, water tanks, cracks in parapet walls, industries, garages, water pipes, cinema halls, cold storages, swimming pools on higher floors etc.


Birla White